This is a list of tasks, overview, and general information about the project to restore the Too Much Information Comic back to where it was before it was lost in late 2017.

Goal: Restore all comic pages

Goal: Restore all locations and other tags

Goal: Create a transcript for every comic page in the archive

Goal: Fix links and other information

Restore All Comic Pages Edit

This is the primary focus right now. All comics that are available are posted in the TMI archives.

This requires an account on the TMI site, and for Andy to grant editor access. An account only requires an email address. Andy put out a call for editors in February 2018.

Status: Andy has started posting from the Out of the Nest chapter. He is not concentrating on posting new comics, bringing up a mirror of the site and other tasks.

Andy has requested editors post the comic with basic information. "Page titles, chaptering, transcripts, characters, and locations would be nice, but can wait."

At some point this wiki may also have this information.

Restore All Locations and Other Tags Edit

Add page titles, chapter, transcript, character list, and location to each comic.

This can wait until the original comics are posted to form the archive.

Otherwise, how else can fans archive binge?

Create Transcripts Edit

For every comic.

This could take a while.

Fix Links and Cleanup Edit

Everything else to bring the comic archive back.