Summary Edit

Ace takes up Carly's offer of a room.

Synopsis Edit

Carly checks in with Ace at the end of the day. Ace explains that he has been unable to find a room anywhere since everyone wants references. Carly is annoyed that his offer of a room is Ace's last choice.

Trivia Edit

  1. This is only time Ace is seen taking a direct romantic interest in a "girl"


Ace sat at his workstation in bewilderment. He started to ask himself, "How did he ...?" when Carly entered the office.

"Ace! Quitting time! You coming with me or not?" Carly asked.

Ace turned to Carly, "Well, every place I've checked wants a credit history and a recommendation from a previous landlord. I don't have either."

Ace masaged his brow, "So I guess I may have to take you up on your offer."

Carly scowled and in a scary voice, said, "Don't make it sound like your last choice."