Summary Edit

Rocky and Pixie discuss Ace while Pixie learns about dressing in a proprietary manner.

Synopsis Edit

Pixie doesn't like Ace. Rocky suggests she gives him time, and find some decent clothes.

Trivia Edit

  1. Pixie likes walking around half naked


Pixie joined Rocky in the kitchen. Rocky was preparing something in a large soup pot.

"I don't like him," Pixie declared.

Rocky looked in Pixie's direction, "Seems like 'People you like' is a short list, Hun. Give the boy a chance."

Pixie clasped her hands and tried puppy dog eyes on Rocky, "But he might try to take you from me. You know he was looking at me."

Rocky put a finger under Pixie's chin. "Pixie, dear, dressed liek that, you gonna get the full attention of anybody with a pulse. And a few souls around that don't got one. Now get dressed or strip. 'Cause I ain't feedin' you half nekid."