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Ace gets paid, and Carly offers him a place to stay.

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Ace collects his first paycheck. Carly offers Ace a room to rent at his house.

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Carly finished up with the computer as Ace leaned on the Reception desk.

"There you go, Ace," Carly said. "Your first paycheck is printing out now.

"Your officially a wageslave like the rest of us. Have you found a place yet?"

"Eh, no," Ace began. "I haven't had time."

Carly took on a serious look, "Well, maybe you could stay at my place? My roommate wouldn't mind I think."

Ace seemed to like the idea.

Carly went on, "I think you and Rocky would get along great!"

"Rocky?" Ace thought. He hadn't expected this.

But before he could ask any questions a voice called out "Oops! Ace! The network's down."