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Ace learns that some things never change when it comes to Larry.

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When Larry receives an email with the subject ImHot4U he goes the extra mile to see who thinks he is hot today. It's a virus which really only wants Larry's computer.

Trivia Edit

  1. This episode is based on a real life event when the "I Love You" virus first came out. Someone had to save an attachment from the PINE email client, download it to their workstation and turn off antivirus to be able to run the virus.


Ace donned a wireless headset to answer the call, "This is Ace, how can I help you?"

"Ace, this is Andy," said the voice on the other end.

Andy continued, "I hate to tell you this, but you've got an infected system again. It's spewing the "ImHot4U" e-mail virus.

"Oh for...," Ace began, "Who would bypass the firewall, disable his anti-virus software, and still be enough of an idiot to fall for that old gag"

"Ace," said Andy. "We both know that's a rhetorical question."