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Ace needs a wage and Uncle Gary needs a free wage slave.

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Ace asks Uncle Gary to start paying him after his mother kicks him out of home. Gary thinks Ace should stay with him instead.

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The heavy-set man in the blue pin-strip suit was closing his door when is name was called out. "Uncle Gary!" it said.

He turned to see his nephew. "Ace," he said, "if this is about Larry, I've already spoken to him."

Ace held his hands up, "It's not that. Mom kicked me out last night and I need to find a place to live."

Uncle Gary paused to think, "Hmm, well you know how your aunt feels. She'd never agree to your staying with us."

Ace interjected, "Actually, I was thinking you could start paying me."

As though he hadn't heard the last sentence, Uncle Gary turned back toward his office. ". . . But I'll talk some sense to the woman. Family is family!"