Ace starts out as a regular geek who was kicked out of home by his mother for "unacceptable behaviour". Since then Ace has grown up, made new friends, travelled far, and achieved much.== Background ==

Ace is the only known son of Gina Gibbs. He does not have a last name due to his mother distancing him from his father. Due to this he has a tendency to correct people addressing of him to be "just Ace", something which causes diplomatic issues later in his life.

Ace is a native of Earth, otherwise known as Terra.

Ace's Father Edit

Ace spent much of his life wondering who his father was. Unbeknownst to him he had seen his father on a regular basis.

Finding Family Edit

The most constant family member in Ace's life is his mother Gina. It is only after the death of his father that he meets his sister, Luna. Ace is a father to a multitude of children after his sperm is appropriated by Orions. Ace is related by blood and marriage to Orion royalty.

Rank Edit

As a Terran Ace is the office manager of a knife distribution company after his father dies and the company devolves to him.

In the Orion space Ace holds the highly respected title of Just, making him Just Ace. Due to his wealth and contributions to Orion society his rank is equivalent to that of a noble.

Limbo and Other Realms Edit

Ace is visited Limbo at least once, as well as other spiritual realms. It is possible that due to irregularities in space and time Ace is looped more than once which created duplicates of himself. One of these is sealed away with a local goddess for a century. Agents of Bast have been known to protect Ace while in other realms.

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  • Gina Gibbs - Mother
  • Larry - Father
  • Luna
  • Stormy - Daughter

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Ace is the most seen character in TMI.

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